Adhesive Tapes, PVC Rigid Sheets (Panta), Insulation Tapes, Single Self Adhesive Tapes, Double Self Adhesive Tapes, Polyester Tapes

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Address : Friends Premises Co - Operative Societies Limited,  Floor, Room No. 1 - C , 215, Samual Street, Vadgadi, Mumbai-400003, Maharashtra, India.
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Hardware & Electronic Goods/Adhesive Tapes  
Application Tape Tesa Tissue Tapes, Avery Tissue Tape and Polyster Tape
Surface Protection Tape Poly Carbonate Film (GE Made)
BOPP Brown Tape PVC Matt Application Tape Translite
Double Sided Sticky Tape  
PVC Rigid Sheets (PANTA) Reflective Sheeting
Label Stocks Aluminium Tape
Polycarbonate Films Double Sided Tissue Tape
Single & Double Sided Adhesive Tapes Self Adhesive Vinyl
Industrial Tape  
Deer Brand Orange And Double Sided
Tissue Tapes
Double Sided Tissue Tape And Acrylic Red Tape
EZ Application Tape, NITTO 500 And Deer
Brand Orange
SP MARIO 110 Tissue Tape And Double Sided Tissue Tape
EZ Application Tape And Deer Brand Tissue
Reflective Rolls
Poly Carbonate FILM (GE MADE & Autorised Dealer) Night Glow
RED Polyster Tape Double Sided Lamination Films
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